Accept Credit Cards Payments in 5 minutes or less.

Subbed helps you quickly collect credit card payments. There is no need to code, in fact you don't even need a website - we host the payment link for you.
Create a Subbed account
Login into Subbed and connect your bank account.
Choose what you want to sell
You can sell anything on Subbed. Create a product, subscription or service and set the price.
Start Selling
For every product, subscription, or service you have unique payment link. Share it however you want. It can go wherever a link can go.

Selling made simple

Enjoy selling online
and create happy customers.


We host each payment link so you don't have to. This allows you to:

  • - Quickly test different price points
  • - Quickly create custom payments
  • - Easily share the payment link

Staying organized

In your dashboard you can easily update and manage each payment link, and view your customers and their payment status.

Power to your customers

Customers have a dashboard where they can manage their orders and subscriptions. No additional setup required. We handle that for you.

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